středa 29. dubna 2015

Is it an angina? Japanese fairytales and Mozart.

Today I woke up and felt really bad. I had a sore throat, my head hurt and I felt really sick.
I've got some gargle from my doctor and in a case I'll have a high fever I got some antibiotic as well.
Unfortunatelly, I really need to school tomorrow so I hope I'll get better before evening.
And because I felt so bad today I've bought two books for myself. One of them is "Pohádky japonských dětí" (Japanese children's fairytales) by Joe Hloucha (with the students sale: 152 Kč, 5,50 euros) and the second one is My dearest father by W. A. Mozart (the correspondence between him and his father; 29 Kč, 1 euro). I'm really happy about this two books.
*I'm lying in bed now, the violet thing is my blanket.*
*I'm publishing only a look at pages of this book so you can imagine how it looks like. Please, don't share.*
*This book is republished in the original way it was before almost 90 years so the language is a little bit archaic. 
Joe Hloucha, 1881 - 1957, visited Japan twice. For him was the Japanese people the kindest people all over the world.*

And as I'm lying in the bed, I've took some photos of Marlenka. She hates when I photograph her so this photos are really bad.
*Sorry for the mess, I've a parka and wet shoes there from yesterday. And there's a cat toilet, too.* 

 *There's an advantage when you get sick. You get your snack in your bed!*

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